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Outline- Christian Caregiving 1- Human Health as Christ-likeness

Outline- Christian Caregiving 1- Human Health as Christ-likeness
·        All Christians are called to be caregivers, though some will have a special gift for it (Rom 12:5-6).
·        Hindrances to caring:
o   Not feeling like an “expert” (psychologist/psychiatrist/counselor).
o   Not having a “quick fix”.
o   The community should be the normal place for healing (while calling on the help of “experts” if necessary). We are not “experts” and we do not have “quick fixes”. We are people willing to sit in the uncomfortable mess with people and call on God in hope.
·        What is a healthy human being?
o   We are not healthy by just ‘not having a problem’. Just pulling weeds makes a patch of dirt, not a garden. 
o   We try to be ‘health-centered’, rather than ‘problem-centered’.
o   Health looks like a human being continuously being shaped into the image of Christ. This means being his disciples/apprentices to learn his ways and character. We call on him to be Lord of our lives- Trusting him to know what is best for us. This is to live in the kingdom of God- to have God’s will done in our lives. 
o   As we care for people we keep God’s goal for them in mind (Christ-likeness- Gal 4:19; Gal 5:22-24; 1 Cor 13; Matt 5:48).
·        How does God’s goal (of Christ-likeness) for humanity help us as we care for people?
o   The help we offer has to be in line with God’s goal for a person.
o   This goal means God might be more concerned about your character than your comfort.
§  Don’t misunderstand, God cares about your suffering, but He also cares more about your long-term healing than your immediate healing.
o   This healing is God’s job, not ours. It’s not all up to us to make a person better. Our job is to compassionately walk with a person as we seek after God. We can let go of the pressure to ‘fix’ the person.

o   We can let go of the pressure to be an ‘expert’. If a fully healed person looks like Jesus, then caregivers need healing too. We are companions along the way, rather than an expert. We are on the same path and neither of us has arrived yet.  

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