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Remembrance Day

Before I begin, I just want to say that not everyone is going to agree with what I'm about to say.I hope that if anything I say bothers you that we can have a conversation. This goes for all my sermons actually. You can disagree with me.
I find Remembrance Day to be a difficult day, which is probably how it should be. This morning I would like to share a bit of that struggle.I think it is important to remember those who have suffered in war. It is important to remember the high cost of war- then and now. It is important to remember how fragile peace can be. It is important to remember the monsters that live inside of us. It is important to remember those who risked their lives trying to do something about suffering because to sit back and do nothing was a worse evil. Remembrance Day is also a day to remember Jesus' words to us about violence and about how we are to treat our enemies.
Personal Connections to WW2
My Oma and Opa (grandma and grandma) were in Holland during the war.…


Seven Deadly Sins- Envy 
The sins and virtues have a funny relationship in our world. Even take this series itself. We are advertising it as the 7 deadly sins. We are not advertising it as the seven virtues. But, honestly ask yourself, which one sounds more enticing? The seven deadly sins? or the seven holy virtues? Which one are you really more interested in hearing about? In our culture sin is sexy. Virtue is boring and geeky.Even as Christians we tend to think that Sin would be a whole lot of fun if God just didn't have a "thing" about it.
'Wrath' sounds like a superhero name- "Captain Wrath". Ladylust is a Yahoo email address. There is a sense of power and individualism that comes with sin. When we think of virtue, however, we think of a Victorian woman with lace gloves and a parasol fighting off a man's advances and "protecting her virtue".
This has led to many of us knowing the sins better than the virtues. The 7 Sins get movies stari…