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In this paper I will attempt to explore four issues. First, I will explore the definition of pornography and its prevalence in North American culture. Secondly, I will try to explore why pornography is problematic, and thirdly, I will attempt to understand why so many people (even those who should know better) use pornography.  Finally, I will explore the possibility of freedom from pornography as a sexual addiction.                 Pornography is highly prevalent and easily accessible in our culture, and attitudes towards it are variable. Some have suggested that it is amoral (even recommending its use), while others have outright condemned it in its entirety as immoral. However, it becomes a more complex issue when we try to define what makes something “pornography”. Where is the line between Playboy and Maxim? Both contain pictures of nude women, but only one allows viewing access to the “swimsuit area”. While Maxim would strategically place the model so that the nippl…